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Thesis Paper

:: investigating the role of the designer in shaping consumer's interaction with technology

Products impact on how we think, influencing and even shaping people’s behaviors. In interaction design this influence is even more apparent, due to its intrinsic focus on how people use objects or services and in defining how technology will merge with people’s lives. This thesis project tries to understand better the designer responsibility implied in this influence. This was done by looking at different points of view about the social role of the interactive designer, and by investigating the influence of design on people.

As an output from these explorations, two interrelated projects were done. First, a project called Bakedbits, which expresses the concept of “Appetite for Technology” by looking at the consumer’s relation to electronic objects and at issues of waste, banalization and superficial seductive features.

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Paneluce poster. Click on the image to launch Bakedbits project.

Second, the Mobile.Seed project, a communication of a future scenario where objects could motivate users to engage in an ecological ideology without need to renounce to the consumer’s society acquired benefits. It is a redesign of the end-of-life of a mobile phone and an exploration on the possible changes in the relationship between the consumer and the device.

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Mobile.Seed illustration. Click on the image to launch project.





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INDEX 2005 top nominee

Mobile.Seed is a top nominee
in the Community category
INDEX Award focuses specifically on Design to Improve Life, i.e. design that significantly improves life for a large number of people. It happens every four years in Copenhagen.


Bakedbits in the Disney Channel
Bakedbits at 'Eta Beta'.
Disney Channel, 06/2004.


Near Near Future
Mobile.Seed. The first one?


Bread warmers - Warm bread,
like fresh from the baker?


a Full
A lamp that you can eat
or bread to light up a room?


Bakedbits at IBRIT.
Milan, 05/2004.


Jornal da Ciência
Idéia pode ter sido plagiada de
sua dissertação de mestrado.


Folha de São Paulo
Designer afirma que grupo
britânico que apresentou um
telefone "germinável" pode ter
plagiado sua idéia.


Inventores Brasileiros
Celular Germinável.







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