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Communicating Privacy
By Mathias Dahlström, Belmer Negrillo & Helma Töpper

User Perception

“Now I can communicate my privacy both in my proximity and over distance!”



  Cee   PrivateTENT   C-mee  




Our service deals with diffrent ways to communicate expected privacy level amongst individuals. It has three steps, each step marks a leap into the future to explore the possiblites with the state of art at that time.

The first step
Cee, which deals with basic privacy communcation thru the cell phone networks rolled out the next years. Many cell phone calls starts with establishing the two different parts enviroment, to establish a privacy level of the conversation. Cee brings awarness to cell phone's adressboks, it enriches each entry with the mode/profile of the cell phone. Cee me brings about abit more of securness and comfort to the caller and hints about a possible decreas of networkload for service providers.



The second step
In the further step, how poeple could show their privacy on the workplace and also have the privacy for hours? companies now spend their employess privateTENT, it helps them to get their own privacy on demand in their office place. the people have to discuss this with their colleagues during the week or the day. On a timetable even on the desk the availibility of their colleagues is visible, also in all digialt communications tools. So employees can take their own tent of privacy.


The third step
The first step established a culture of privacy communication, with people getted used to consult others privacy expectations before interrup then. The second stage makes people discuss their private time together in small communities (workplaces) and find a common solution. Then maybe the next step will be merging this communicating privacy culture with self-expression and make it more as an optional extension of our personal feelings, desires and expectations. The main idea at this stage is to create a tool to express personal states in a clearer and environmental related way. Instead of use a specific device as the centralizer of our communication, it is left free for the users to choose the best (or betters) tool to display or receive their personal message, in way to not constrain the human expression diversity.