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Communicating Privacy in 2005
By Mathias Dahlström, Belmer Negrillo & Helma Töpper




  PrivateTENT   C-mee  


User Perception
  Shit... I'm always getting interrupted trough my colleges.
How am I supposed to work then?"

When we move through different environments our expectation of privacy changes. We need to set our level of availability and communicate it to our social network depending on the current context to avoid undesired interruptions/interactions.

Amongst the most frequent opening phrases of conversations over cell phones are:

- where are you?
- Im disturbing you.., maybe i can call late?

This simple fact is a motivation to explore the possibilities to give users a suggestion of availability of its conversation partner. In our day to day life we express our availability with the aid of speech, body language etc. Our digital counterparts miss the same richness but are they not worthy subset of expressions?




Service Description

Cee is a extension to existing modern communication tools for people on the move. It supplies the user with a interuption probability of the person to be contacted. Imagine a enhanced adressbok in your GPRS cell phone with a sign language which signals a indication of interuption.

The service core is to accumilate the available electronic sources which indicates a electronic form of avalibility. Thees sources are weighted and retrievable from licensed software such as phones and PDAs.




The development of this type of extra service in todays networks, requires a certain amount of partners to be successful. To bulk of the development will be conducting by a software development company created for the project. This company has as its task to develop a service software and client software packages for different operating systems on the market. To succeed in this process the company will need to sign development contracts with at-least one major OS developer and a independent communication platform developer. These are the core Stake-Holders that are needed to realize the vision

The success of the vision is based on how well other potential stake-holders are attracted. A suggested tactic would be to develop functional prototypes as "proof of concepts" which are then distributed thru the telecom conferences and related marketing channels to visualize the service. The goal with this strategy is to attract service providers and larger companies to buy the idea, a roadmap could be:
Further it is important to leave an extension mechanism for users of the service, in the form of a plugin architecture. This would enable the service to focus on maintain the service, improving the quality of software and letting the users create the content to be weighted.

Added Value for Stake Holders

For service providers that provides end users witch with a point of sale for the service, has two important benefints, Firstly, offering a service wich differentsiate it self quit much from the flood of service pouring down in the telecom industry. Secondly the Service can help to maintain the infrastructure of the networks by decreasing the loadfactor of calls.

From the end users perspectiv its a calming factor to have the possiblite to quckly browse the avalability of persons in the adressbok. the calmness is not created by this alone, but its also a combination of feeling in controll of the service be letting themselvs extended and controll what determins the availability level.


  • Provides a rough interpretation of a desired person.


  • Need to relie on active participation of users.


What is missing?