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There are many areas that I researched on for this project. Below you can find the links and some images that I got as reference and inspiration.

Gesture Recognition
The references were found basically in the Internet and some in books.

  • Instrumented Footwear for Interactive Dance, by Joseph Paradiso, Eric Hu and Kai-yuh Hsiao. MIT Media Laboratory.
  • Optical Tracking for Music and Dance Performance, by Joseph Paradiso. MIT Media Laboratory.
  • Gesture Recognition for Human-Friendly Interface in Designer - Consumer Cooperate Design System, by Hideyuki Sawada, Seiji Hata and Shuji Hashimoto. Dept. of Intelligent Mechanical Systems Engineering and Faculty of Engineering, KAGAWA University.
  • Multisensory Expressive Gesture Applications (MEGA). Groove Machine, by Kasper Marklund, Anders Friberg, Sofia Dahl, KTH, Carlo Drioli, GEM, Erik Lindström. UUP.
  • Midi Dancer, by Mark Coniglio. Troika Ranch.
  • Gestural VJ Software, by Justin Manort, MIT Media Laboratory.

Midi, accelerometer and RF- Id

  • Smart Midi Interface Project, by Gabriele Boschi. DAIMI/DIEM Århus – Denmark.
  • Keeping Track of Electronic Monitoring, National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center Bulletin.
  • ECM110 - 02 - Eurochip.
  • ADXL202/ADXL210 - Analog Devices.

Wrist Brace and Bracelets

  • Wrist Injuries, at

I got a lot of images from websites as references to the different brace wrists shapes.
Sorry, but I couldn'tget all the name of sources sites of this images again...