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Exercise 04


Explorations in Form
Build a series of at least three detailed sketch props that illustrate particular form, material and interaction explorations that you are exploring for your project.

Desired Product
A tool for controling digital video (VJ) or sound (DJ) that can be used within a considerable distance from the computer that manages the reproduction (wireless).

Concerns about the Functionality and Use
- This tool should allow more natural or intuitive movements for controling the different properties of the video/sound.

- Flexible enough to let the user use a different garment each time according to his fashion desire.

- Allow flexible movements and feel comfortable on sustained use.

- Have a simple version/user mode that can be easily used by anyone without further explanations.

- Maybe have a professional version/user mode that allows more complex or specific controls.

- Real-time feedback. A gesture would generate a correspondent action in the video and must happen again if the same gesture is repeated.

Possible Solutions
- A RF iD Tag ring and a correspondent reader in the pocket (see Img 01). You tap the pocket with the rhythm that you want the audio/video to reproduce.

- A bracelet with a reader that interacts with other RF iD tags fixed in different points of the garment (Img 02). Each contact with a tag corresponds to a different discret command.

- A tilt in the shoe that reacts to stronger taps in the floor than the normal walking pressure.You tap the shoe with the rhythm that you want the audio/video to reproduce. (Img 03)

- A bracelet with an accelerometer that reacts to the waving of the wrist (Img 04). In this solution the analog input (angle) corresponds to a analog and continuous output in one property of the video/audio.

For the wireless problem and the need for low battery use, can be used BlueTooth technology or even InfraRed communication. But InfraRed can have communication problems due the noise generated from nightclub lights. Another possible option is use RF communication.

The solution I like most
A combination of the two uses of the bracelet, because it allows discret and continuous controls.

Img 01
- Tapping the pocket

Img 02 - Clapping the hands

Img 03 - Tapping the shoe's sole

Img 04 - Waving the wrist