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Exercise 03


Part I
All the exercises in this page were made in group.
In the first part we were asked to sketch' the design of a new experience enabled by a small object or accessory (i.e., something carried in the pocket, jewelry, etc.) that utilizes an RF tag as the principle personal area technology.




Part II
Produce a basic specifications of the 2-G cellular system technology chart using the models presented in class.

2-G Cellular System

Brief Conduct technology research on either a 2-G, 3-G, or 4-G cellular system as assigned to your group in class. Produce a basic specifications chart using the models presented in class; add any additional information you feel is relevant.
Goal Improving voice quality, coverage, and capacity.
Protocols Voice and Data (low rate for 2G, medium for 2.5G), Digital, Duplex
Examples 2G: GSM, TDMA (IS-136), CDMA, PDC
GPS Facts (2G) GPRS Facts (2.5G)
Deployement Year  
1992 2001
Theoretical Rate 9.6 kbps 171.2 kpbs
Power Consumption 2 modes :0.6 W and 3 W
Frequency Used 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 1900 MHz
Notes Usual rates are much lower than theoretical ones.
The other big advantage of GPRS over GSM is "almost instant connection", which is sometimes refered to as "always on", and which allows time-critical applications.

Part III
Describe a potential wearable object or service that combines your group's cellular technology with a personal area networking technology.

That is Claudia, 25 years old, living in a small town in Italy. She lives alone in her apartment. Since the last five years Claudia suffers from multiple sclerosis. She wears a Bluetooth activated device on her wrist all the time, to support her during difficult times.

Sometimes it happens, that she suddenly gets fits of stiffness. In this situation she cannot move her legs. Its like a temporary paralysis and she feels very debilitated.

In such situations she calls for help from her local doctor by pressing the Buetooth device on her wrist. The device then activates the mobile phone and sends an emergency sms to the doctor. This way she can aviod the costs of a perpetual help.