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Exercise 01


What's on the Body - A Study of the Personal Items On and Near the Body

Interview with Mr. Rawat Hijra.
He was asked about personal objects in 3 different situations.

1st situation: Workplace
- Watch: “I feel uncomfortable if I don’t wear it”. “Portable information with real-time feedback”.

- Bracelet called “Kada”, made with cooper. It has an original religious function in his culture, but he does not use it with this meaning. He believes that it is good for the blood and he likes the feeling of the metal in the skin. He uses it more like a decorative add on.

- Ring made in iron. The same thing of the Kada bracelet, a religious object that are been used as a decorative and cultural reinforcement function. Both the ring and the bracelet are made with metals that oxidize and change when in touch with the sweat and with the time. In somehow they are a way to be more integrated with nature substances and interactions that are more or less lost in the hyper-higienic urban society.

- Laptop. He use it for work and he considers it as the second step in the creation process. Although without it he can't work, he can stand a good time away from the computer without a crisis.

- Necklace and earrings. Another decoration. Men are used to wear it in his mother culture, and he kept this habit. Women use different types and shapes.

- More: wallet, house keys and hanky, in the pockets.

2nd situation: Home
- Remove wallet, keys and watch. The 3 objects are left together in the same place because they are a kind of ‘package’ that is used everyday.

- Verify papers left in the pockets during the day, in a way to remember things to do or that were done.

- Change the clothes to things more comfortable like a track-paint and a t-shirt.

- Uses the computer as a stereo and as a video to watch movies. It usually remains on all the time in the house.

3rd situation: at bed, going sleep
- Takes off all decoration things before going sleep.

- There are close to the bed an alarm clock, a book and the telephone.

- Turn off the computer.